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Buying a property or a plot is an important decision that should be made with due care and after thorough research. And there are so many sites that might give you information that might be a bit confusing. So here we are to give you a proper insight into the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, "Rajahmundry," and the features that will give you proper reasons to buy a property here. Before you search for the Best Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry, let’s briefly know about this floral city.

Rajahmundry, now officially known as "Rajamahendravaram," has derived its name after Rajaraja Narendra. Its name is truly justifiable since it has a royal history and is truly a land of rich culture and heritage. This city is the district headquarters of the East Godavari district and is located on the banks of the beautiful Godavari river. Now let’s see what this beautiful city has to offer for people looking for Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry.


One aspect that intrigues people about Rajahmundry is its legacy. Since it's the birthplace of the Telugu language, "AdiKavi" Nannaya, who was born here, penned its grammar and script. And he, along with Tikkana and Yerrana translated the Sanskrit Mahabharata into the Telugu language. Also, this is the place where the father of the Telugu renaissance movement, "Kandukuri Veeresalingam" was born during the Madras Presidency. It was even a base for many national movements. Therefore, we can say that Rajahmundry has witnessed several historic events that are unquestionably significant in Indian history. And if there is one great reason to live here and look for Apartments In Rajahmundry, it is definitely because Rajahmundry has some breathtaking natural heritage locations for tourists. South India’s second-largest ISKCON, after Bengaluru, is located in Rajahmundry. And, some of the other famous locations include the Godavari Bridge, Pushkar Ghat, Havelock Bridge, and nurseries in Kadiam Mandal. Papikondalu, the Kadiyapulanka eco-museum, and the Zoological Park, among other commercial and tourist attractions, are all nearby. When visiting this city, one can go on a shopping spree for almost everything that they want and need; there are numerous malls, movie theatres, and even handcrafted items that are equally appealing and useful for various purposes.


If there is one important reason to choose a city to live in and look up Apartments In Rajahmundry, it is definitely employment. And, with so many opportunities in and around the city, Rajahmundry has a ton of employment options. There are more than 3500 acres spread around various places just for harvesting a large variety of flowers. The government of India exports these flowers through cargo planes from Rajahmundry Airport. Not only this, there are many other industries like ONGC and GAIL. Thus, it has so many opportunities for people looking for employment in various sectors and generates great revenue. 


Moreover, the transportation system in this gorgeous location is very reliable and convenient, which gives people a reason to look up Apartments In Rajahmundry. Railways are the most used transport in India, and the Godavari Bridge in Rajahmundry is India's third-largest rail bridge. In 1997, the Godavari Arch Bridge was built for the Howrah-Chennai main line when the Havelock Bridge, which was built in 1897, was decommissioned. Along with the Godavari Railway Station near the city, Rajahmundry has an A-category Railway Station that is part of the South Central Railway.

This city is connected to other cities and states via national and state highways, in addition to rail transportation. West Bengal, Odisha, and Tamilnadu are all connected to the state by the NH16, which runs through the entire town. This particular point gives you a reason for searching for Apartments In Rajahmundry. States like Odisha, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, and Telangana are all connected by other national and state highways. The other important national and state highways are NH 216A, NH 365BB, NH 516D, SH40, SH41, SH72, SH104, and SH172. The NHAI is also constructing a flyover over NH16 and NH216A to ease traffic throughout the city.

When you search for 2BHK Flats In Rajahmundry, there will, without doubt, be a question: is there a faster mode of transport? However, the answer is a definite YES. The reason is, that Rajahmundry airport on the city’s outskirts gives you an option to travel by air if you want to. And the main source of travel to smaller villages is the state government’s public transport, i.e., the APSRTC buses that connect this city to the rural villages. Thus, areas around this city without other modes of transportation or amenities can be reached by bus. 

Here let’s talk a bit about the water transport in the Godavari river. If you wish to go for a water adventure, you can travel through the tourist boats that will give you a tour of nearby places. These boats are available from Pushkar Ghats to locations like Papikondalu and Bhadrachalam.


Now that you are getting all the amenities in one place, you would definitely consider searching for Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry. Because not only is this heritage-rich city known for its tourist attractions, but also for its oldest "Government College of Arts", which is aged 150+ years. Other prestigious universities include "AdiKavi Nannaya University," "Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University," "Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University," "And Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University Study Center," "Andhra Pradesh State Forest Academy," and many others. Therefore, we can say that Andhra Pradesh's cultural capital is not only rich in tourism and culture but also in education. 

Now that we have covered all the important features of Rajahmundry and its beautiful assets, there might be a lingering question in your mind even if you live here, are there any 3BHK Flats for sale in Rajahmundry?

The answer to this question is a simple "YES." Given the fact that we all know that commercial sites are an important part of making a city livable, one would undoubtedly like to know if there are any Apartments for sale in Rajahmundry. So, there's no doubt that you'll find plenty of commercial and residential areas in this cultural capital. Therefore, we've listed some of the best commercial areas with a large number of Luxury Apartments In Rajahmundry in this article.

Where Can We Find The Best Houses For Sale In Rajahmundry?

When we search for the best places where we can find Apartments in Rajahmundry, we definitely have to have knowledge about the popular commercial areas in Rajahmundry. So, read further to get an idea about those areas:

Diwancheruvu: This area is part of Rajanagaram Mandal and is known as the city's heart. In and around Rajahmundry Rural Area, Diwancheruvu is one of the busiest areas. The commercial areas like Industrial Area and Auto Nagar, and the NH5, which connects Srikakulam-Chennai, make this a good place to look for 2BHK Flats In Rajahmundry. 

AV Apparao Road: With restaurants, shopping malls, movie theatres, and a huge array of educational institutions in the area, looking for apartments from Top Builders In Rajahmundry is a wise investment. This makes a good place to buy Luxury Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry because it is located in one of the city's most important areas.

Innespeta: One of the important factors to consider when looking for 3BHK Flats In Rajahmundry, is the revenue that the area generates. The famous ISKCON temple is unquestionably a major tourist attraction in this area. This gives a great opportunity to generate good revenue for people living in this area.

Tilak Road: Being one of the busiest areas in Rajahmundry, this place has great shopping areas and restaurants that give convenience to the people living here. Hence, investing here while looking up Best Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry is definitely worth it.

Lalitha Nagar: One thing that people look for while searching for living spaces is medical care to be available nearby. And this area has a lot of multi-specialty hospitals that are within a range of immediate reach. This is a great reason to choose this area to look up Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry.

Lala Cheruvu: Having the National Highway nearby, you can reach any desired location without any hassle of reaching the main road. Along with other amenities that are available in this place, you are bound to think of Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry when you get all your needs in one place.

Morampudi: If you are a person that is keen on gated communities, then this area has apartments in the best-gated communities available for a reasonable price. Apart from this, with all the required amenities, you will get a safe and secure area to live in. This will definitely make your search for Houses For Sale In Rajahmundry from the best builders in Rajahmundry all worth your time.

APSP: Want a good place to enjoy the natural view of the Godavari River? This area is the best for such wishes, as you will be near the river side of the city. With other required amenities for a livable area, you can definitely look out for Apartments for Sale in Rajahmundry.

Hukumpeta: Lastly, a location that has the Srikakulam-Chennai Highway nearby, is definitely a place that has essentials nearby to make it a convenient living area. With reasonable pricing of the Best Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry, we can assure you that your investment here will be worth it.


We have now covered all the other features and famous commercial places where you can find Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry. Let’s now talk about the Best Construction Company in Rajahmundry. 

While searching for the Best Real Estate Company for your quest to find the Best Apartments For Sale In Rajahmundry, you must remember that the company should have a good portfolio. Having a good number of quality apartments in the bag will definitely help the company to become the Top Construction Company in Rajahmundry. 

However, to ease your search, we have listed down some of the Best Builders in Rajahmundry and we hope to help you choose the best one of all. 

Honeyy Constructions

Alliens Groups

Radha Krishna Developers

Pragnya RiverBridge Developers

Raki Avenues

Bridge County

Owning a house is one of the best feelings a person can get in their life. However, it is equally important to choose the right one to live in or buy it as an investment. We hope that our blog has shed some light on your quest and wish you to get the best one possible. Also, we would be happy to assist you, so do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts or queries.

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