Best Locations to buy properties in Rajahmundry

Known as the Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh, Rajamahendravaram is stretched out along the banks of the mighty Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the oldest cities established by Raja Raja Mahendra and is named after him for reasons deemed fit. In this blog, we give you several reasons why should you buy a property in Rajahmundry.

History and Culture

Rajahmundry is the city of old and new. Rajahmundry is a recent addition to several other ancient cities of India. Rajahmundry boasts of having the biggest municipal corporation in Andhra Pradesh and the first municipal corporation in Godavari districts. Rajahmundry is home to several temples and architecture, reminding us of the rich Indian Vedic culture. In particular, the presence of two Shiva temples makes it one of the most spiritual places in India - and the slow pace of life gives people lots of time to meditate. So if you're looking to buy properties that are not overrun with tourists but still have plenty to do, look no further than Rajahmundry.

The royalty and celebrity of Rajahmundry as a seat of learning, culture, religious and political activities that commenced in the days of Vijayaditya Ammaraja–II and his half-brother prince Danamava reached their peak during the reigns of Rajaraja Narendra and his father Chandramouli Devi. It continued even though to a lesser degree from then till the days when the Reddy dynasty fell in the mid-fifteenth century.

With its rich culture and tradition, properties in Rajahmundry are most sought-after.

Geography and Location

When it comes to location, there's no better place than Rajahmundry. This city has been a hub for commercial activity for decades. It's located conveniently at the centre of Andhra Pradesh amidst the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Ghats. As a result, this port city takes part in major trading activities in India with exports and imports passing through Rajahmundry Port on a regular basis. The city is also known as an important consumer products market due to its strategic central location between Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Rajahmundry Town has a large hinterland supporting a few thousand farmers and those that work in the agricultural sector. These patchwork fields along the banks of Godavari's delta support vast tracts of their crops, which contribute to one of the region's largest sources of income.

With the perfect location and a great climate, Rajahmundry easily becomes the best place to buy a property in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Trade and Industry

The city is a prime location for establishing manufacturing companies and is a major regional transportation hub. Since transportation infrastructure was built in 1887, the city has been established at the crossroads between northern and eastern India. It's regionally known for salt manufacturing and the paper mill operates since 1895.

 The city is home to colleges affiliated with Andhra University, and one central tobacco research institute established in 1931 that performs cutting-edge technological studies dedicated to providing new knowledge on different aspects of tobacco science including cultivation and curing, fermentation of tobacco leaves into homogenized tobacco extracts called compost or lake, filling these processed leaves into fermenting chambers along with roasted cotton.

Rajahmundry is a commercial hub and the main source of revenue for both East and West Godavari districts. The local nurseries generate billions in revenue each year and this has led to the construction of a research centre to help boost the progress made in the floriculture industry. This growth is not isolated to just one area because it's been seen expanding into Mandapeta, Alamuru, and Atreyapuram as well. Main Road and Tadithota are two areas that offer many shops for people who want to do some shopping around town; in fact, there are even shops on NH 216A (old NH 16) where travellers flock from all over. Soon enough this stretch will be just like what you see along with busy shopping centres in other cities. It isn't hard to see why so many tourists are attracted by the vibrant gold market that offers all sorts of goods beginning with raw materials like rough diamonds right up to full-blown jewellery set pieces.

As an important trade centre and a bustling commercial hub, properties in Rajahmundry are in great demand.

Transport and Logistics

 Due to its convenient location in the city, Rajahmundry is the perfect gateway to the western and eastern parts of Andhra Pradesh. It is well connected with a network of state highways, national highways and other major roads. The National Highway 16 (NH 16) which connects Chennai to Kolkata passes through the city. This highway also crosses over to some of Rajahmundry’s neighbouring towns such as Anathapur and Ongole towards the north, Suryapet and Khammam towards the south, and Piduguralla towards the east and Narasannapeta towards the west. The National Highway 216A which connects Visakhapatnam via Eluru is another important highway passing nearby Rajahmundry which allows you to travel through Ongole or Yanam in a shorter distance. If you are looking for an even faster way to get out of town then try taking State Highway 516D (Narsipatnam-Raajahmundry Bypass road) or State Highway 516E (Rampachodavaram-Khammam Bypass Road).

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is constructing flyovers on NH 16 and NH 216A at Diwancheruvu, Lalacheruvu, Morampudi, Vemagiri and Kadiyapulanka junctions in the city to ease traffic. Trumpet Bridge is being constructed at ADB road on NH 16 in Rajanagaram. A ROB was proposed from Morampudi to the Kotipalli Bus stand.

A well-connected city with trading outposts at every nook and corner of the city along with the outskirts skirting the national highway, Rajahmundry is a highly active centre. Properties in Rajahmundry are going to become very scarce, very expensive, very soon.

After much research, we are providing you with the most popular locations to buy properties in Rajahmundry. Take a look and decide for yourself.

AV Apparao Road

A bustling commercial area with restaurants, hotels, nearby parks and residential areas, this road is a premium location for you to buy a property in Rajahmundry.

Tilak Road

With a variety of shopping centres to boast of, Tilak Road is famous for the same. Make sure you look for one here when you look out for properties in Rajahmundry.

Lalitha Nagar

A locality right at the heart of Rajahmundry, Lalitha Nagar has a plethora of hospitals and healthcare facilities in case of any emergencies. It is a prime location for you to own a property in Rajahmundry.


A residential area with amenities and facilities in its own right, the Morampudi area in Rajahmundry is teeming with home-buyers on property lookouts. Don’t miss out on the chance to own one of the best properties in Rajahmundry, if you are looking for a peaceful yet vibrant area.

Lala Cheruvu

Adjacent to the National Highway, Lala Cheruvu already is home to many housing board colonies. If you want to buy a property in Rajahmundry what place is better than here where there is already established infrastructure but not enough residences.


Right next to the Srikakulam-Chennai Highway, Hukumpeta is one of the fastest developing areas in all of Rajahmundry. There is no one way to go about it, but if you want to buy a property in Rajahmundry, then buy it here better than anywhere else.


Enjoy the cool breeze from over the Godavari while you sit back and relax at one of the premium properties in Rajahmundry here. With the surrounding police housing corporation, this place is where you need to make a home for yourself.

There are plenty of places to live in South India and each of them has its own unique charm. But if you want to live in a place that has a great combination of luxury and affordability, then you should consider buying property in Rajahmundry, India.

The city of Rajahmundry is a major commercial hub in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Rajahmundry is also a great place to invest in real estate. If you are looking for investment properties in Rajahmundry, you can contact us at 7610 666 999. We have properties to suit every budget. If you need more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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