Today you can find the best properties in vizag with its tremendous growth in real estate sector in and around the vizag city. Vizag is known for its industrial growth, sea trade, and being one of the tourist spots for nature viewers. Vizag city has become a commercial spot for top real estate developers, with connected modes of transport to all major and minor places in the state and international locations.

With these facilities, many home buyers are showing interest in investing in best properties in vizag to become the early bird to acquire the opportunity in developing areas. With this scenic beauty, a vibrant culture, and a booming economy, Vizag has become a sought-after destination for real estate investments. Whether you are looking for your dream home or seeking a lucrative property investment opportunity,    offers a plethora of options that cater to various needs and preferences.

Vizag's strategic location on the east coast of India and its well-developed infrastructure have contributed to build the best properties in vizag. The city is home to major industries such as steel, oil refining, information technology, and tourism, which has resulted in a robust economy and a promising job market. This economic growth has significantly increased the demand for quality housing and led to the development of numerous residential properties in vizag city.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Property in Vizag.

Before diving into the real estate market, it is essential to consider several factors that will influence your decision. 

  1. Location

The location of the best properties in vizag plays a pivotal role in determining its value and suitability. Consider factors such as proximity to workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs. Properties located near the coastline or with scenic views tend to be highly sought after.

  1. Budget

Define your budget and explore options that align with your financial capacity. Vizag offers the best properties in a wide price range, from affordable apartments to luxurious villas. Determine your budget early in the process to narrow down your choices effectively.

  1. Amenities and Facilities

Examine the amenities and facilities provided by the properties in vizag. Some popular amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, landscaped gardens, and 24/7 security. Assess your lifestyle preferences and choose a property that offers the amenities you desire in this best properties and upcoming properties.

  1. Developer Reputation

Research the reputation and track record of the real estate developers behind the projects. Opt for renowned developers with a history of delivering quality projects and adhering to timelines.

  1. Future Development Plans

Check out the development plans for the area surrounding the property. Investments in areas with upcoming infrastructure projects and commercial developments tend to yield better returns in the long run.

Top Residential properties in Vizag

Vizag boasts several neighbourhoods that offer an excellent quality of life and a wide range of residential options. Here are some of the best properties in vizag


Located in the northern part of Vizag, Madhurawada is known for its peaceful ambiance and proximity to IT parks and educational institutions. A few years ago, there was no such development in the Madhurawada area, but increasing amenities like education institutes, groceries, and medical facilities brought a hike to the land, and we found more apartments rising up in Madhurawada. Now the real estate developers have pulled out best properties in vizag with a mix of apartments, independent houses, and gated communities. Today, the price of a Sq Ft is between Rs. 4400 to 4500, which is an unimaginable rapid growth in recent years and will continue to grow in the coming years.


Rushikonda, situated along the scenic coastline, is a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious beachside living experience. It is known for its high-end villas and premium apartments with a green environment and flats with complete amenities, security facilities, and well-maintained apartments. You can experience the pleasant environment while staying in beachside apartments. With the development of the IT sector, film theatres, restaurants, etc., you can find the best properties with the prices in Rushikonda have risen. Currently, the price of land or flats ranges up to...5500 to 6500 per sqft.

MVP Colony

MVP Colony is one of the well-established and posh residential areas in Vizag City. With tree-lined streets, parks, and excellent connectivity, it attracts families and professionals alike. MVP colony is a vast area divided into sectors; each sector has its own space value ranging from 6500 to 7500 and above. This is one area where we can say that every facility is available for residential house, so MVP Colony has become a hub spot for real estate development. A resident staying at MVP Colony need not worry about family needs; they may be education, medical, extracurricular activities, and many more. 


Siripuram is a bustling locality in the heart of Vizag City, known for its commercial establishments and convenience. It offers a mix of residential apartments and commercial spaces. Siripuram junction is conveniently located for four main centres: Madilapalem, AU, Jagadhambha, and Beach Road. We find mostly commercial complexes, training centres, residential apartments, hostels on these routes of the Siripuram junction. With these facilities, the area developed rapidly, and now that the value of the Properties in this area has reached to sky, anyone who affords to purchase a flat in this area will get a valuable return. The present range of best properties in this area will range from Rs.9k to 10k SFT price.

 Beach Road

Properties along Beach Road offer stunning views of the Bay of Bengal and easy access to popular tourist spots. The area features high-end apartments and penthouses. You find the best properties in Vizag along the beach line, and even the property price costs more when compared to city centre flats or buildings. Places along the beach are developed and made more attractive for tourists who visit from national and international level. Every year, Navy Day will be conducted on the beach, which is a proud moment for Vizag residents and even more for the residents who stay on the beach side. Beachside property value has increased, and at present, the real estate market value ranges from.12k to15k and this area stand out among all other areas in Visakhapatnam.


Vizag's real estate market offers a plethora of opportunities for both homebuyers and investors. With its stunning landscapes, growing economy, and variety of residential options, the city has become a hub for real estate enthusiasts. Remember to do thorough research, visit the properties in person, and consider professional advice before making any significant investments. Whether you are looking for a peaceful abode or a high-return investment, Vizag has something to offer everyone.

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Current Projects

Honeyy Sreenivasam 9


3,100 / Sq. Ft.

Floors: 5 Plots / Flats:1040

Jayam Heights


3,800 / Sq. Ft.

Floors: 5 Plots / Flats:37


Midhilapuri Colony

4,500 / Sq. Ft.

Floors: 5 Plots / Flats:95

SSV Kalnadha Plaza


14,500 / Sq. Ft.

Floors: 5 Plots / Flats:4

Sai Venkata Pavan Residency


4,000 / Sq. Ft.

Floors: 4 Plots / Flats:3

Beau Fort


3,900 / Sq. Ft.

Floors: 6 Plots / Flats:55