Five Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

Technology plays a crucial role in the everyday life. With such a changing and adapting the environment, smart homes have become the new dream homes. From devices that sense motion and turn on the lights to devices that help exert control over the room temperature, an ideal modern house is equipped with it all. The top ways to turn your home into a smart home are also dependent on what is required and needed by you.


Godfrey Reggio, an American director, was wise in saying that we do not use technology but rather we “live” technology. When a touch screen mobile entered the market, it brought a revolution with it. Such technological revolutions are now happening every other day, paving a path for a more digitized lifestyle. These innovations and revolutions have also made their way into homes, turning them into smart homes. Here is a list with few top ways to turn your home into a smart home using artificial intelligence and modern automation-


  1. Smart Assistants
    When one thinks of turning their home into a smart home, the first thing that pops up is to get one of the Intelligent Virtual Assistants. Smart assistants like Echo Dot, Google Nest, and Sonos One among others, not only work as smart speakers but also allow their users to digitize their homes. There is no surprise that they lead the list of top ways to turn your home into a smart home. These devices allow for controlling electronics and lights in the house through voice control. Few assistants also allow the users to pay bills, give out sport scores, and sing lullabies or rhymes. All you gotta do is ask!

  2. Smart Security Systems
    Technology driven locks and security cameras make it easier to keep an eye (or several!) on one’s home. Smart cameras pick up alerts through motion sensors and send alerts to the designated mobile devices. Smart locks and cameras are definitely among the top ways to turn your home into a smart home. Such devices also add in an extra layer of security to the home.


  1. Advanced Lighting Systems
    In a mood for a calming ambiance? Need to get the house into a party mood? Whatever the need or wish is, smart lights help in achieving it. Smart lights allow for the user to change the ambiance as favored by them through their mobile devices or through voice commands. Few such lighting systems can be operated through smart assistants too, therefore it is obvious that they make into the list of top ways to turn your home into a smart home.


  1. Advanced Cleaning Devices
    How smart is a home without a smart and clean look? Cleaning home is made hassle-free by devices like robot vacuum cleaners that operate on voice commands. Such devices also make up the list of top ways to turn your home into a smart home, especially using technology and smart alliances. Robot vacuum cleaners navigate throughout the house using several inbuilt bumper sensors and last for several years given they are maintained properly. Dyson, ECOVACS, and iRobo are some companies that include robot vacuum cleaners.

  2. Humidifiers and Purifiers
    One of the top ways to turn your home into a smart home is by installing humidifiers and air purifiers. Humidifiers help in controlling the temperatures and atmosphere of the house. Many humidifiers can increase humidity by almost 25%. Some humidifiers also allow for diffusion of essential oils into the atmosphere.
    Air purifiers, on the other hand, help in purifying the air. These devices remove particles like allergens from the air and make it more breathable. Some purifiers come with an option to act as humidifiers. These devices can be controlled by remotes, mobile devices, smart assistants, or voice commands. There is no doubt that humidifiers and air purifiers make into the list of top ways to turn your home into a smart home.


The above listed top ways to turn your home into a smart home involve a variety of options and devices that one can select from in accordance to their needs and wishes. All these smart devices enable for the day-to-day activities to run smoothly.

Although they were not mentioned in the list of top ways to turn your home into a smart home, smart plugs like Amazon Smart Plug allow for existing devices to be controlled through voice commands. Such devices help in evolving old devices into smart devices. Smart home appliances like advanced refrigerators that can adjust their temperatures accordingly and smart TVs which allow both traditional channels and streaming services are few other electronics which have made their way into homes. 


Robot Personal Assistants like Aido, Alpha 2, and Zenbo, are also making their presence known. These assistants perform functions like patrolling when no one is home, managing the smart devices, and delivering verbal reminders. One need not be surprised if these robot assistants make into the list of top ways to turn your home into a smart home in the nearby future.


It is a fact that technology is booming. Concepts like space tourism, which used to be a fantasy found in books and on papers, are being introduced to the world for real experience. While flying cars might take some more time to come into existence, wireless vacuums and smart speakers are here to give you the touch of modernity


However, completely transforming your home into a smart home is accompanied by few cons. Privacy concerns, installation fees, and maintenance fees are some of the main downsides. Robot Personal Assistants, for example, may pose a threat if they malfunction. There is also the debate of such robot assistants replacing human interaction. 


The new wave of technology brought in changes in several areas and aspects; including the fields of real estate, architecture, and interior designing. To keep up with this changing pace, each new construction of Honeyy Group allows space for such smartness and innovation. They each allow for the accommodation of smart devices and equipment. With Honeyy Group, it is easy to transform a simple home into a smart home.


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