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"Home is where you make it," as stated it's true because one makes a place home with their love and joy.  And what nicer place to buy a flat or apartment in than "Kakinada," a city with a rich history, tourism, along with plenty of other amenities. When buying a home or apartment, it is important to understand that the place in which you purchase it should be both convenient and appealing. Therefore, we're here to help if you're looking for Flats For Sale In Kakinada. So, to get more information on Best Flats For Sale In Kakinada and Best Real Estate Company to get more specific information about this harbor city, read on this blog.

Kakinada, located on the Bay of Bengal's coast, is the sixth-largest city in the state of  Andhra Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of the Kakinada district. Apart from being one of the first cities to be established, it has also been a part of the smart city program by the Indian Government and is one of the 100 cities selected. Furthermore, there are numerous notable universities that are well-known for their excellent academics, resulting in high support for various enterprises, making this city a desirable location for both education and employment. Therefore, finding Flats For Sale In Kakinada is certainly a worthwhile effort.


The largest seaport in Asia used to be in Kakinada, however, it is now near Coringa(Korangi) village. People used to migrate from this seaport to places like Burma, Fiji, Mauritius, and various other southeast Asian countries at the time, earning them the nickname Coringas. Furthermore, they continue to live there and practise Andhra culture. Before diving into the quest of finding Flats For Sale In Kakinada, let's learn a little about its significance in history. During the colonisation of the Dutch Coromandel coast, the Dutch East India Company maintained and named this location Jaggernaickpuram. However, during the British rule, Kakinada(then Cocanada) was officially established in 1759 as a shipbuilding and ship repair facility and they called it Coromandel coast and Coringa town, as it was on the bank of Coringa river, a branch of the Godavari river. Since it was the only port on this coast, it quickly grew into a significant seaport and a large shipbuilding yard.

However, due to cyclones hitting it at distinct periods and claiming many lives, it was soon abandoned after the sand built up here and eventually shut down. Now, Don’t you think with such a great history and legacy, it isn't worth finding Flats For Sale In Kakinada?


Another appealing feature of Kakinada, also known as Andhra Pradesh's rice bowl, is that it shares the same rich culture and traditions as the rest of the state's cities and rural areas. The famous beach festival (Kakinada Sagara sambaralu) is known for its three-day music event, which features many artists. In 2012, the government declared it to be an annual festival. There are many notable personalities that hail from here. For example, Indian cricketer Hanuma Vihari, late Tollywood artists- Anjali Devi, Suryakantham, Rao Gopal Rao and many others. And, if we get to tasty food treats, Kotaiah's Gottam Kaja, which dates back to 1857, is Kakinada's most famous dish. Mango Pickle (Aavakaaya), vegetarian and non vegetarian, sea foods like shrimps and fishes, and fast foods like bajji, etc. are also popular delicacies in this region. Famous restaurants such as Subbaiah Gari Hotel, Haveli Restaurant, Kotaiah's Sweets, and others serve these delectable dishes. Wouldn't it make sense to look for Flats For Sale In Kakinada in a place that is known for its delicious cuisine?


The Kakinada Municipal Corporation is the district's main management body under the Andhra Pradesh government. On the other hand, the economy of the city is mainly dependent on the agriculture, fishing and industrial sector. Most of the industrial sector is covered by the edible oil refineries, natural gas and fertilizers.

This lovely city has both a deep-water and an anchorage port. The deep water port, on the other hand, is the second-largest in the state and the first to be built in a public-private partnership. Seafood (fish, shrimp, prawns), agricultural products, oils, and chemicals are the main exports from Kakinada. Many other Agro-products, biofuels, are the main trading sources here rooting the exporting business. Other resources like power generation, natural gas and petroleum, also affect the revenue generated in this harbour city.

Apart from these, the IT sector plays an important role in the city's economic development. Kakinada is a tier-II city with a Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) facility that opened in 2007. Since then, many software companies have sprung up in the city, thanks to the presence of an educated workforce. With so many ways to make money, finding Flats For Sale In Kakinada is something that everyone will be looking for.


Finally, this city is known for its excellent town planning, which is clearly reflected in its transportation system. Kakinada has excellent road, rail, and sea transportation options. Previously, the roads of this pensioner's paradise were dominated by auto-rickshaws and private city buses. However, as the city has become more urbanized, more public transportation has been implemented and is being used rather than private transportation. Through the NH216, which runs from Kathipudi to Ongole and passes through it, Kakinada is well connected to other cities and states.

Following that are the railway stations, which are divided into two categories: Kakinada Town and Kakinada Port. The Vijayawada Railway Division's Kakinada Town Railway Station is classified as an A-category station and is one of the adarsh stations in  South Coastal Railway Zone. 

 The waterway is another mode of transportation in this area, due to its presence at the shore of the Bay of  Bengal. Also, the National Waterway 4 connects Puducherry and Kakinada. Yet, Kakinada airport is the nearest airport to this city and is 55 km away from it. With all these amenities in transportation wouldn’t you want to search for Flats For Sale In Kakinada? 


Many people would like top-tier institutions to be present in the city where they live because there is such a high demand for educated citizens. Nevertheless, Kakinada, known as an educational hub, offers a wide range of educational institutions. When one thinks of the top educational institution, they immediately think of Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Kakinada (JNTUK). It is one of the state's most prestigious universities, specializing in engineering, business, and technology. Rangaraya Medical College, P R College, Andhra University PG Centre, and a few others are among the notable institutions.

In addition, Kakinada has a number of cricket stadiums where the Ranji Trophy and other local and district level cricket matches are held. Hanuma Vihari, an Indian cricketer, is also from Kakinada. Tennis and badminton, in addition to cricket, are very popular among the people. Therefore, if someone is looking for Flats For Sale In Kakinada and is interested in education or sports, this is the place to go for.

Where Can We Get Luxury Flats For Sale In Kakinada?

When one gets all these amenities, it is bound to think of purchasing a Flat Near Me. But without knowing or learning anything about the commercial areas, you can face a lot of problems while searching for those. Hence, to ease your search we have listed down most famous commercial areas:

Vakalapudi: This area, which is 8 km from Kakinada town, has a wide range of residential areas as well as a plethora of industrial centres. APIIC colony is home to nearly 30 factories, including oil refineries, shipping companies, and petrol and diesel companies, due to its proximity to the Kakinada beach. Therefore, we can say that investing in this area by searching for Flats For Sale In Kakinada is definitely the right decision.

Turangi: Although it is 2 kilometres from town, this is a rural area with people from various sectors such as business people, working individuals, daily wage labourers, and so on. Agriculture is the most popular occupation here, with paddy being the most popular crop. There are nearly 5 rice mills in the area, resulting in a large number of daily wage workers. It also has both public and private educational institutions, which is a top priority for the majority of people. The proximity of these places is a major factor in choosing this location to look for Flats For Sale In Kakinada.

Sarpavaram: Sarpavaram is a commercial area with shops, schools, banks, internet cafes, restaurants, and other establishments, as well as a junction that connects four different localities. There is also a police station and a mandal revenue office here. At the village's crossroads, there are numerous temples and educational institutions, as well as vegetable and fish markets. Wouldn't you like to look for Flats For Sale In Kakinada and live in an area that has all of the amenities you need?

Thimmapuram: This place is worth living in because it has a lot of well-known educational facilities such as post-graduate colleges and government schools. People who live here are mostly employed or work in the business world. Paddy agriculture, on the other hand, is the most common occupation here. Other essential amenities are also easily accessible here. So, looking for Flats For Sale In Kakinada is well worth your time.

Thammavaram: This is the area to live in if you don't like the hustle and bustle of the city but still want to be close to the action. Agriculture is the main occupation, with paddy and vegetables being grown, but the people who live here come from a variety of backgrounds. The temples are the main attraction in this area. Additionally, necessary education may be available; however, because this village is 15 kilometres from the town centre, autos are the primary mode of transportation. You can look for Flats For Sale In Kakinada if this interests you.

APSP: It is named after the Andhra Pradesh Special Police 3rd battalion, which has its headquarters and training ground here and spans half a kilometer. This township is located at the Pithapuram road's entrance and is a rapidly expanding commercial area. On one side, however, there is a fully developed commercial area, and on the other, it is entirely residential. There are numerous educational institutions and commercial areas, such as grocery stores and supermarkets. Therefore, if you want to live in a commercial area with all amenities, your search for Flats For Sale In Kakinada has ceased.

Kacheripeta: This area is however a bit different from the above-mentioned areas, since the main occupation here is fishing and people living here are mostly related to it. However, it is at a very less distance from the townare, hence it is definitely near all the amenities that one would need. Also, this area has the old bus stand in there, along with other necessities nearby itself. Hence you can think of making a choice of searching for Flats For Sale In Kakinada.

Madura Nagar: This area falls under the S. Atchutapuram panchayat and has a number of small colonies that make it a residential area. There are small roads that connect the region's small towns. The majority of those who live here work for the government or in the private sector. However, this is an area that is rapidly evolving. This is where the "Gokulam" Krishna temple is located. In addition, the cost of renting in the area is lower than in other parts of the city, so you can get an idea of the estimated cost. Simply search for Flats For Sale In Kakinada and you will find all of the information you need.

Suryaraopet: It is a well-constructed neighbourhood in the heart of the city. These roads are well-designed to link this neighbourhood to the rest of the city. There are typically available amenities that you get in any developed city. However, in comparison to the other areas mentioned above, there are far fewer residential areas here. Regardless, if you're looking for Flats For Sale In Kakinada and want to buy your dream home, the individual houses and apartments are well worth the money.

Top Construction Company In Kakinada

Now that we've learned everything there is to know about what and where you can find great Flats For Sale In Kakinada when looking for Flats Near Me, let's learn about the Top Construction Company In Kakinada that can build your dream home at a great price and with great quality. You may want to conduct a search for the Best Construction Company In Kakinada to ensure that your time and money are well spent. However, it is always a good idea to collect a list of the Best Builders In Kakinada and narrow down your choices.

To assist you, we've put together a list of some of the best builders for you to take into account:

  • Honeyy Constructions
  • Sree Sai Rochana Constructions 
  • Gullapudi Agencies 
  • Chandra Maritime Private Limited 
  • Maheswari Enterprises
  • Visie Business Consultants
  • Radhakrishna Constructions
  • C.m.p.s. Pvt. Ltd. - Kakinada
  • Sidhvi Infrastructure Projects Limited 

Having a house in a place that gives you all that you need must be your priority while looking for a good house. And we like to make your wishes come true in terms of giving you the best we can. So if you ever have a query or even small doubt during your dream house hunt, make sure to contact us first on 7610 666 999. We are more than happy to help.


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