How to Apply Vastu Science in a New Construction? - East Facing Individual House

India is a land of rich culture and ancient disciplines. One of the oldest established traditional systems in India is the ‘Vastu Shastra’. The subject of Vastu is derived from several ancient scriptures and texts.

Vastu Shastra is translated as a ‘science of architecture. It consists of principles and themes about the construction and design of properties. It is developed using geometric patterns, directional alignments, and symmetry. The designs aim to integrate architecture and nature.

Understanding the Vastu Science tips for a new construction helps in planning a Vastu compliant house. It is believed that a Vastu compliant house brings in good luck, health, and prosperity, and positivity. Vastu principles are not only followed by residential projects but also by commercial projects like malls and restaurants.


East Facing Individual House and the Vastu Beliefs Associated With It


The first and foremost thing observed about a house by individuals is the facing of the main door. Houses that face west or south are less favoured by homeowners. On the contrary, north-facing or east-facing are favoured by many. East-facing houses in particular are believed to bring in good vibes and luck to the residents.


Vastu Shastra lists out several dos and don'ts for all directions facing houses. It draws out ideal design plans according to the face of the house. According to Vastu Science, an east-facing individual house has -


  • the living room in the north or north-east,

  • kitchen in the north-west corner,

  • dining area or children’s bedroom in the west,

  • puja room in the north-east corner,

  • master bedroom in the south-west and

  • an entrance in the east.


All the top real estate companies in Vizag and Hyderabad are known to comply with the Vastu norms and cater to the clients’ needs and desires. Vastu Shastra in modern building planning is followed for all the properties. Each property accommodates rooms in the appropriate directions while facilitating proper ventilation.

The following are some Vastu Science tips for new construction that is east-facing-


Vastu Science for an East Facing Entrance (Main Door)

The door should always be in the middle and should not fall into the south-east or north-east directions.


Vastu Science tips for new construction also provides remedies for when such instances happen-

  • If the main door falls in the northeast direction, the door frame should not touch the northeast corner.

  • If the main door falls in the southeast direction, religious symbols can be installed above the door frame.

Vastu for the Master Bedroom in an East Facing Individual House


According to the Vastu Science tips for new construction, the master bedroom should be in the southwest direction.


The bed should be placed near the south or the west wall of the bedroom. That is, when a person is lying on the bed, their head should face the south or west direction. The legs should be towards the north or the east direction.


Indian architectural practices prefer south/west over the north for sleeping. This is because of the electromagnetic energies of the Earth. These energies are believed to affect our sleep health.

If a person sleeps facing north, it is said to increase their blood pressure. Scientific research, on the other hand, is yet to explore this theory.


The bathroom should not be opposite to the bed and the bathroom door is supposed to remain closed after use.


Vastu for the Living Room in an East Facing Individual House


The living room should be planned in the north or northeast direction.


According to Vastu Science tips for new construction, the walls in the north/east directions should be thin and short. Comparably, the walls in the south and the west directions should be thick and tall. This is believed to bring prosperity to the house residents.


Vastu for the Dining Room in an East Facing Individual House


The dining room can be in the west as a separate room. It can also be a part of the extension of the kitchen towards the west, east, or south direction.


If the dining room is separate from the kitchen, then the door to the room should be opposite to the entrance door. 


While sitting in the dining room, individuals should be facing east, west, or north. It is ideal for the head of the family to sit facing towards the east. The rest of the family can sit facing towards north or west directions.

Vastu for the Study Room in an East Facing Individual House

Do you want your child to be focused on their studies? Do you want your child to be surrounded by positive energy while they study? Vastu Science has tips and design plans that would make it all happen.


According to the Shastras, the study room can be planned either in the west or east direction.

The study table and chair placed in the room should not be behind the door. The table should have some open space in the front. For a flow of energies, a slight space can be observed between the table and its adjoining wall. 


Vastu for the Puja Room in an East Facing Individual House


It is essential to the whole house plan that the puja room falls in the north-east direction. It is one of the most followed among the Vastu Science tips for a new constructions and ready to occupy houses. This tip is also considered to be a part of the basic Vastu for a home.


The puja room should not be near a bathroom. The individual is only supposed to pray to face the north or east direction. The puja room should fall not under a staircase. It is best if it is located on the ground floor.

The windows in the puja room should open towards either north or east. The room should only be used as a puja room and not have other furniture like beds in it.

Vastu for the Kitchen in an East Facing Individual House

The kitchen can be either in the southeast direction or the northwest direction. It should allow for the person cooking to face east in a south-east kitchen or west in a north-west kitchen.


Miscellaneous Vastu Science Tips for a New Construction (East Facing Individual House)


  • Guest rooms can be planned in the north-west direction.

  • It is believed to be good luck if an east facing house is built on a slope. The slope should be towards the north direction.

  • Balconies or verandas can be planned in the eastern or northern sides of the house.

  • Stairs are not supposed to be on the north-east side of the house.

  • The kitchen should not fall on the north-east direction.

  • Washrooms should not fall on the north-east side of the house.


It is of no doubt that east facing houses have their own demand. However, they may not be suitable to everyone. Homeowners should also note that their zodiac signs have an effect on the Vastu consequences.

Vastu Science is gradually being considered for every aspect of a property. The general belief that Vastu brings in positive changes might be the reason for this rising curve.  Vastu Shastra in civil engineering is becoming an engaging conversation.

Trends show a steady rise in themes like having a ‘Vastu garden’ or ‘Vastu paintings’ in the house. A good portion of Vastu followers are also selecting wall colours based on the facings of the house. There are also Vastu tips for the placement of objects like mirrors and electronics.

Interested in knowing more about Vastu Science? Stay tuned to our blog to find out more on this ancient subject and its recent trends!

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