Reasons Why Apartment Living Will Enhance Your Work-life Balance

Quite often we mix up our work life with personal business. The work from home culture is slowly seeping in, because of the pandemic. Now the lines between work and personal spaces are blurring. In this context, let us see the reasons why apartment living will enhance your work-life balance


Work from home has gained momentum, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Work Trend Index stated that this trend has also created new opportunities of employment. However, the only drawback for this trend is that individuals are having trouble maintaining a work-life balance.


Even with a proper work schedule, unknowingly work hours are seeping into leisure hours. If you are facing the same trouble, we have a suggestion to offer - apartment living lifestyle.


Apartment communities are no less than gated communities with villas. They too offer state-of-the-art security and several amenities to the residents. These communities also help you in drawing a clear boundary between your work and home life. 


Here are the reasons why apartment living will enhance your work-life balance


Kick Back and Relax - Make the Most of the Leisure Amenities


All work and no play makes Jack and all of us a dull bunch! A break not only relieves you from stress but also revitalizes you. 


With the recent emergence of work from home, some individuals are unable to separate their work and personal life. Work is seemingly colliding with their leisure time. Since they are already staying home with their family or within their comfort zone, many are feeling lethargic to go out for recreational activities.


Apartment communities that allow space for leisure amenities provide a chance to unblur the blurred lines of work-life balance. These complexes are now accommodating recreational areas like-

  • Swimming pool

  • Gym

  • Garden/ Mini Parks

  • Playground

  • Clubhouses 


With the presence of such amenities, you get to maintain boundaries between your work and your personal life. You don’t have to travel away from home to spend some quality time with your family.


A simple walk in the garden in the evening will help you clear your head. Further, a clear head will mostly promote your productivity levels. So you do better in both your work and personal life. It is a win-win, isn't it?


Get, Set, Fit! - Fitness Areas


Most of the modern day work involves us sitting in front of a computer. True, it did help in reducing some manual labour but it also has its negative effects.


Sitting in a single place and spending too much time in front of a system causes eye strain, headaches, and neck & back pains. To top it all, food is now being delivered right to our doorstep. No more waiting for our menu at a restaurant.


With such a lifestyle, one is more prone to stress-related diseases/disorders, now more than ever. Apartment communities that provide centres for gym, yoga, or even a jogging track are more likely to motivate you to exercise than a complex without all those. 


The proximity of such amenities in an apartment living lifestyle would help you in establishing an exercise routine without having the need to travel outside. A major advantage of living in an apartment for work-life balance, isn't it?


Stronger Together - Sense of Community and Support


Everybody craves a sense of belonging. We are all wired with intrinsic motivation to affiliate with others (hence, social animals!). Having someone to talk to and spend time with is necessary in these trying times.


Moeller RW, Seehuus M, and Peisch V. in their 2020 research paper ‘Emotional intelligence, belongingness, and mental health in college students’, found out that there exists a positive link between the sense of belonging and overall well-being. 


Apartment complexes are a community in themselves - another one of the advantages of living in an apartment for work-life balance. The residents come together to celebrate occasions and festivals. It becomes easier to make friends and connect with others. Such camaraderie also allows us to cope with stress, either from work or personal life, better in a healthy way. 


Also, who doesn't like to have friends who live close by? Once again, it is a win-win!


One Call Away - Round the Clock Responsive Maintenance


Imagine you on your busiest of days. You are managing things well but then you notice that there is a faucet leaking in the house. You do not have the number of a good plumber. What now?


Apartment complexes have a list of contacts that offer professional maintenance services. Now, you don't have to search for a good plumber or an electrician. You can simply call the maintenance room of the complex and they will send over the required service provider. They will get it fixed while you carry on with your day’s work. One of the several perks of the apartment living lifestyle.


Parks And Recreations - Going Green with Garden Spaces


Green spaces have a lot to offer. An apartment complex that has some outdoor space with green views can work wonders on your mental health. Taking a walk with your family members or pets amidst such places will leave you feeling fresh.


If you are a working parent, having a playground or play area in your apartment premises means security for your children. You don't have to worry about keeping an eye on them always as they will be under the surveillance systems of the apartment complex.


These are the key highlights of the reasons why apartment living will enhance your work-life balance There are several best real estate companies in Hyderabad that provide you with a catalogue of apartments to select from. Property consultancies also help you in finding your right home. Real estate marketing companies in Hyderabad also help you in finding you the most suitable apartment living lifestyle.


With the current situation, one need not be surprised if companies decide to continue with the remote working culture. 


The transition might have some trouble in the beginning but slowly one is bound to grow accustomed to it. Here are some tips to make the most out of working from home-

  • Start your day just the way you do when you have to go to the office. That is, take a bath and wear your comfortable work fit. This will help you in getting into the work zone gradually. Moreover, a routine will help you in getting used to the schedule easily.

  • Separate your home office from your bedroom. This will help your brain in drawing boundaries for work and life. It helps in distinguishing where you need to be more alert and where you can relax.

  • Have an organized schedule for every working day.

  • Select a fixed break time for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner.

  • Select a fixed time to go to bed. Try to get a minimum of six hours of sleep.

  • Set a morning or evening routine (or both!). It can be a seven minute exercise session or a short session of meditation.


The most important thing to remember is that it is okay to take breaks in between as you slowly adjust. Apartment complexes with amenities and facilities would make your everyday life a bit easier. Apartment living lifestyle can help in maintaining your work-life balance. When you are able to do that, you are more likely to excel in both areas.


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