Tips for Safely Reopening Apartment Amenities

The viral pandemic has changed our daily lives into something we have never even imagined. There have been changes in our habits and our daily routine due to prevalent lockdowns and curfews. The commercial complexes have been shut down and the residents of homes have been stuck between the four walls for almost a year and a half.

Now that the second phase of lockdown is also coming to an end, we as realty experts are trying to bring back normalcy in our lives. With the ever-increasing demand of housing complexes and apartments we have come up with solutions to safely schedule site visits and continue with other operations as well. 

The past year has been filled with fear of the unknown. People have started working from home as well as working out at homes. Groceries are being delivered to the door and amenities in the gated communities have been accruing losses due to low maintenance. The residents of the gated communities pay hefty rents and maintenance charges for the amenities that are available. Now that they have been shut down, people are unwilling to pay the rent they agreed to. These amenities whether used or not require regular maintenance- like gym equipment, swimming pools and lawn areas.

The terms and conditions have been relaxed to a certain extent and we are slowly getting back to our routine lifestyle. Likewise, the apartment amenities could be opened up slowly after thorough cleansing. Here are some necessary precautions and tips to be followed for reopening the amenities.


  1. Deep cleaning and sanitisation

It is necessary that the gym equipment, lawn benches, play areas, indoor games, and sports equipment be thoroughly cleaned and regularly sanitized for the safety of the users. Before opening up these amenities a professional cleaning service should be employed for deep cleaning these areas.


  1. Regular disinfection and monitoring

Regularly sanitizing and disinfecting the common areas like elevators, doorways, and balconies can help in minimizing the spread of the infection. If the budget permits, you can employ a professional service provider on a regular basis and get these areas sanitised.


  1. Enhanced security measures

Regular security checks about the common areas whether or not the members are following the desired safety precautions is a necessary evil these days. It is important that you check these areas for any violators. Penalties and fines can also be imposed on regularly misbehaving members, though this needs to be done in consultation with the apartment’s residents.


  1. Switch to digital payments

Though most of the rents are paid through online transactions, maintenance charges and user fees payments may also be shifted to digital. Exchange of cash or cheques may increase the risk of transmission which again may lead to panic and distress among the community members.

  1. Restricted Usage

There is a huge demand for the gym and indoor sports arenas, lawns, and children's play areas to be opened up as soon as possible. However, it is advisable to reopen them at a very slow pace, restricting the number of users per hour. This can be done through online slot booking.


  1. Encourage social distancing

Place stickers on the floor where people are expected to stand in a queue for availing of a service, like a grocery store. You can also display posters on the benefits of social distancing and other information about COVID-19 as and where necessary. Form a group where the members can create awareness among the apartment residents about the spread of the infection. These minor efforts can reap greater results for the benefit of the community.


  1. Encourage virtual events

We all know how very depressing it can be without a social life. A healthier way to adapt to the new normal is to meet virtually and conduct events that keep everyone safe and happy. This can be done on any platform like Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, and other virtual services.


  1. Encourage open communication

The only way we can stop the spread of the virus is through encouraging open communication among the residents and creating awareness that there is nothing to be ashamed of. You can do this by letting them know that this is in their best interest and that we are all in this together. The residents of the apartment complex can come together to help the infected persons by opting to provide food or help to get their medicines, etc. An open communication channel can help in contact tracing and reduce the further spread of COVID-19.


The pandemic has changed the face of our lives into being more scared and panicked about our daily routines. However, reducing this fear and despair has to be our main motive in conquering a win against the disease. This can be done only through a combined effort of the community members, be it an apartment, a group house, or a gated community. Mutual support and awareness about the disease can prevent further spread.


When in doubt, we always have the option of turning towards the government guidelines and the support of the infrastructure as established by it. But first, the coming together of the people, though virtually, is important for us to be mentally and physically strong as the pandemic takes a toll on each of us differently.


Installing sanitizer and mask dispensers, placing stickers for social distancing, encouraging plans to maintain hygiene in the apartment complexes and their vicinity are simple steps that take us a step closer to winning against COVID-19.


The only way we can get through this is “Together”. Let us all, take a step to make this our new normal. We need to take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe and secure from infection. Keeping in mind these tips for a safe reopening of the apartment amenities, the residents can start enjoying the new normal.


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