Top Reasons Your Children Will Love Living in a Gated-Community

Erik Erikson, a famous psychoanalyst, in his theory of development mentions how children need a certain degree of autonomy. Autonomy to explore, to try new things, and to take initiatives.

And for this, children need to be in a stimulating environment. They should be in a place where their curiosity is not curbed and where they get to dream and learn. And all these are among the top reasons why your children will love living in a gated-community.


Every parent has their own checklist while moving into a new house with their children. They look for only the best and the safest options for their children. This is where gated-communities come into play.


Gated-communities, also known as walled-communities, are residential areas with closed premises, or “walled” premises. They are more or less like a colony on their own. The entrances are controlled and several protocols are followed by the community residents. They have everything that you as a parent check before moving into a property with your children.


Gated-community apartments not only meet your standards but also will make your children fall in love with the neighbourhood.

Let us see the top reasons why your children will love living in a gated-community-


Safe and Sound


There are not seven wonders but seven million wonders in the eyes of a child.

It is in the nature of children to explore their environment. To be behind them always is a difficult task. Therefore, it is the task of the parents to ensure that their children grow up in a secure environment.


Safety and security are one of the main driving forces of a gated community apartment. This is also one of the top reasons why your children will love living in a gated community. Because with safety comes a certain sense of freedom. They feel free to explore and learn through their play.


Gated-community apartments take security to a better level than an individual house can. They eliminate the fear of children being exposed to complete strangers. Children can move around more freely. Gated-communities maintain their standards of security through several tactics like -

  • 24 x 7 CCTV coverage

  • Round the clock presence of security guards

  • Fire and burglar alarms

  • Fixed entrance and exit points

  • Collecting details of all visitors and making a note of their arrival and departure timings


Such levels of security ease the mind of parents regarding their childrens’ safety. In turn, they allow their children to traverse around their surroundings. This helps in establishing a sense of autonomy and promotes confidence.


Child Friendly Environment


Jean Piaget, one of the pioneers in Psychoanalytical school, considers play to be a major role in the life of children. He, along with many accredited psychologists, states that play helps in the cognitive development of children, especially in young children.


Gated-community apartments have child-friendly amenities like-

  • Playgrounds within the premises that follows all the safety guidelines

  • Courts for sports like cricket, badminton, etc.

  • Swimming pools

  • Clubhouses with space for indoor games like carroms, table-tennis, etc.


Few communities even offer crèches or day care centres. Providing such facilities also reduces some burden off the parents. They don't have to travel to a different place for their childrens’ playtime. Children can benefit in two ways with such facilities. One, they get their daily dose of physical exercise. Two, play helps in enhancing their social skills.

It creates an opportunity for connecting and engaging with their peers. This boosts their social confidence levels. 


The Need to Belong


As generations pass by, the nuclear family setting is becoming more common. Further, parents are willing to bring in a double income to keep up with the economic times. With both the parental figures working, children are more or less left with their own devices.


With gated-community apartments children can find their own tribe. Staying close with children of similar ages, promotes their sense of belonging. It also facilitates their social skills.

It fulfils the love/ belonging needs that Abraham Maslow, another prominent psychologist, talks about in his Hierarchy of Needs. According to Maslow, a child (or an individual, for that matter) with such social needs fulfilled can move further up the ladder and focus on achievement.


Moreover, parents would know with whom their kids are forming friendships. This erases the fear of their kids befriending the wrong crowd.


The Space Odyssey


Most of our childhood memories are of us hanging outdoors. Be it hanging to the monkey bars in a local park or running around exhilarated at our grandmothers’ place.

Contrasting our childhood, most of the kids of this generation do not get to experience the outside world.


Spatial outdoors are becoming a luxury in this ever-developing period. A city is now no more than a concrete jungle. In such a situation, gated-communities are providing a breath of relief.


Gated-communities span over a piece of land and allow for spacious plot placements. There are parks, jogging tracks, and sports courts for everyone. The plots generally do not feel congested and allow for free movement. So no more of our kids missing out the great outdoors!


Go Green


Gated-communities usually go for a clean and green approach. In addition to the greenery found in the children’s play area - some communities also proffer designated garden spaces.


According to the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, the largest epidemiological study conducted to figure out the relationship between greenery and mental health,-

  • There is a great impact of greenery during childhood

  • Green space is beneficial for mental health and reduces the risk of mood disorders and stress-related issues

  • Green space encourages more physical activity

  • Exposure to micro biota that is beneficial helps in improving the immune system

  • Green space provides relief to over-stimulation

  • The longer a person is exposed to greener, the better would be their mental health


In short, green is good- for both physical and mental health. Gated-communities are a good way to ensure that your kids’ childhood has greenery in it. After all, as Bob Ross says, there is nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend!


Gated-communities are like enclaves with their own world. They assure residents with safety and privacy. 

They are also a decent infrastructure for kids to grow up. As we have seen in the above listed top reasons why your children will love living in a gated-community, there are a lot of perks to these projects.

Besides, there is a growing demand in India for such residential communities. NRIs are especially interested in investing for gated-communities along with the locals.


There are several ready to occupy gated community flats available. Top real estate companies in Vizag and Hyderabad help you in finding your ideal fit. Property consultancies that provide end-to-end services would make the process of acquisition hassle-free. 


It is every parent’s dream to see their child happy and stress free. They dream of a world where their little ones get to grow and blossom into healthy and smart individuals. For this, it is important to make sure that their surroundings stimulate their inquisitiveness and cognitive development.

Gated-communities are great for kids as they let them explore the grounds with a safety net. They facilitate socialization as children find playmates of all ages within the premises. As it is well acknowledged, socialization in childhood plays a huge role in shaping one’s personality.

Healthy socialization helps in -

  • Understanding social norms, morals, and cues

  • Understanding one’s culture as well as the culture of others

  • Communicating at a social setting

  • Understanding one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others


Lev Vygotsky, a Soviet psychologist known for his works on the psychological development of children, emphasizes on adult or peer interaction as a huge source of learning in childhood.

The social learning theory by Albert Bandura, also states that children learn through observation of their environment.

All such theories point how big of a role that the environment that a child grows in plays in their development. They also place equal importance on the kind of interaction that children experience.

Gated-community apartments, like mentioned earlier, provide and promote such healthy places for children. Moreover, they are a blessing in disguise for parents who want to give their kids freedom while watching over their growth.

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