What Are Some Home Interior Design Basics?

When you are thinking of dabbling with home interior design, the first step is to understand the basics. The process of interior designing is not limited to just making the house look pretty. It is a process through which you project your personality, likes, and dislikes onto your home. After all, a house becomes a home only when it reflects you.


In this article we will cover the five basics that one needs to understand while looking into home interior design.


Basics of Interior Designing

The following are the fundamentals of interior design. It is necessary to know about them before decorating or designing your place.




We strive to maintain a balance between our work and personal lives. Our body has dedicated parts that maintain postural balance. Nature works through its forces to maintain a balanced environment. In essence, we look for balance in all aspects of our lives. 

Similarly one of the basic thumb rules of interior design for home is maintaining visual balance.


When we speak of balance in home interior design, we are not just referring to the physical structure of the decor. Balance also should be looked for in the colour, texture, and pattern of the decor.

There are three different kinds of balance that give the house its beautiful look. All three are briefly detailed as below-

  • Formal Balance/ Symmetrical Balance

This is a traditional way of sustaining balance in home interior design. The room is split into two halves. Both the halves are to be adorned with decor and design that mirror the other side. Thus, giving the room a symmetrical balance.

The formal balance is easy and simple to pull through. However, it needs to be curated carefully so as to not strike as monotonous or boring. This style works well for living rooms.


  • Informal Balance/ Asymmetrical Balance
    If your goal is to make the room more lively and full of movement, then you can follow asymmetrical balance. Also known as informal balance, this style is currently one of the trends.

Here, there is no need for the sides of the room to mirror each other. The room can have dissimilar decor that carry equal visual aesthetic appeal. This style is more complex to follow. It needs to be carried out with caution so as to avoid a clumsy look. With careful consideration, an asymmetrical balance can give the room a modern and chic look. This balance is more suitable for bedrooms or study rooms.


  • Radial Balance
    In this style, there is a repetition of texture, patterns, and colours. There is a central piece in the room that serves as a focal point. The decor then surrounds the focal attraction. The main idea is that the surrounding objects should not steal the attention from the center piece. This style works great for dining rooms or drawing rooms.




Rhythm generally refers to successive repeated patterns of sound or movement. To bring a rhythm to your home interior design, is to make a subtle regular pattern in the room. This pattern should allow for eye movements from one object to another. This is generally referred to as repetitive pattern rhythm. A room with a fine-drawn rhythm immediately pleases the eye.


Progressive rhythm is another way to establish the aesthetics of the room. In this style, an element is taken into consideration, for example a monochromatic colour. The rest of the room follows the same colour pattern but decor varies with an increase or decrease of qualities.


For example, you can match the colours in the pillow covers to the curtains. The curtains can be matched with a throw rug near the bed. This kind of pattern allows eye movements that start from the pillows, go to the curtains, and fall on the rug.

There are many top interior designers in Vizag that can help you in creating a rhythm in the room. 




A room that gently gives a unified statement with the decor and design always appeals to the aesthetic lovers. It creates and exudes an air of harmony.

A harmonious room makes the environment look more calm and serene. It goes hand in hand with rhythm.


For example, you can create harmony and rhythm by following a similar colour or pattern throughout the room. You can also create harmony using colour combinations that gel in well. You can take the help of the best interior designers to achieve this feel.




The main purpose of interior design for home is to make the room pop out.

For a room to pop out, it needs a focal point. It needs something that can be emphasized. This piece should allow for building on the aesthetic around it through the rest of the decor and design.

You need a piece that serves as the anchor of the room. The rest of the decor should follow a rhythmic harmony in their patterns, colours, and textures. Some rooms come with such built-in focal points. In the absence of such, you can place a large piece of furniture and enhance its emphasis with complimenting decor.


Proportion and Scale


Let us quickly see what proportion and scale mean before moving into the aspect.

Proportion is the correlation between one part or size with another part or size. On the other hand, scale refers to the size of an object in relation to another aspect or space in which it has been placed.


All the top interior designers in Vizag make it a point to follow proportion and scale while designing a room. These two details play a crucial role in giving the room its visual appeal.


There are some established proportional relationships that are found in nature. These are also widely followed by architects and artists. One such proportional relationship is the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio was identified and defined by the Greeks. It is also known as the Golden Mean, Golden Section, and also as the Divine Proportion.

The formula states that there exists a Divine Proportion when- the ratio of one section to another large section is the same as the ratio of the large section to the entire aspect.


To break it down more simply,

Ratio of a small section of the room and a larger section - a

Ratio of the larger section of the room and the entire room - b

To establish a Golden Ratio - a should be equal to b (a=b). 


Now, we don’t know about you but we are glad that there are many best interior designers in town. Why? Because they can handle the math while we dream of our aesthetically pleasing room!


Interior designing can elevate and enhance the look of your home. Therefore, it has to be carried out with care and caution. But that does not mean that you get stressed over it. It is a fun and creative process. Moreover, with the help of the top interior designers in Vizag, it should be a breeze to decorate your home.


While working with the designers always keep in mind the following common suggestions-

  • Always ensure that your ideas can be executed. That is, the design or decor should be practical.

  • To collaborate your ideas and likes, design a mood board. This will help in keeping track of all the things that resonate with you.

  • Do not rush over. Take it step by step.

  • Browse through the interior works of others for inspiration.


For further information on how interior designing and decorating are becoming the game changers in real estate, do keep an eye out on our blog!

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