What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Living Close to Your Workplace?

Slowly and steadily the workforce is being called back to office spaces. There are precautions being taken to make the offices as hygienic as possible. With the relaxation of lockdown rules, everybody is finding a way to get back to the pre-COVID era routine.


Amidst all this, if you are looking to buy a home then we have a tip for you. Consider purchasing a home that is close to your workplace. Now, just why should you consider this tip? There are several reasons for that. Through this article we hope to help you in understanding the impact of buying a home close to the workplace.


We all look for ways that make our day-to-day life easy and better. Especially with regards to our work life, we do everything in our power to make it run smoothly. One such step deliberated by many employees is whether to shift near their office or not.


The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the same that would help you in making a decision.


Advantages of Buying a Home Close to the Workplace-


Budget And Eco-Friendly Routine


Recently, the prices of fuel have been on the expensive side of the curve. If you are someone who travels to the office by your own vehicle, then you understand just how much you have to spend for fuel.


When you buy a home close to the workplace, you can reasonably cut down the fuel expense. Also if you are looking for a reason to buy a cool bicycle, this would be it!


Further, you can even save some money over the maintenance of the vehicle. This little extra saving can add to something else on your budget. A true win-win.


If your home is within a walkable distance from the office, you get to be more eco-friendly and healthy. You can walk to the office, thereby getting some exercise. Moreover, when you walk to the office instead of using a vehicle, you are automatically performing an eco-friendly gesture!


With the alarming rate at which the climate is undergoing changes, it is fairly important to include environment friendly activities and practices in our day-to-day life.


Less Travel, More Benefits


One of the biggest problems faced by employees is travel fatigue.

Travel fatigue is when you feel completely exhausted after traveling. Although it generally refers to fatigue due to continuous long distance travel, the word can be loosely used in this context too. It may sound simple but continuous fatigue can result in burnout. 

To make it more simple, here is how travel fatigue looks like-

  • Exhaustion

  • Increased feelings of stress

  • Sleep deprived states


When you buy a home close to the workplace, you get to reduce your commute time.

When your home is far from your workplace, you would have to allow extra time for your travel. You would have to wake up early and start early. Let us not even think of the traffic issues nowadays. You have to repeat this schedule all over your work years. Does it not sound tiring?


Now imagine you buying a house close to your workplace. You don't have to wake up and start early only because of the distance. Instead, you can devote those extra few minutes for some exercise, yoga, or mindfulness. What's more? You can sometimes come back for some comfort home food, all within your given lunchtime.

In addition to always being on time, you get to be more active and productive thereby increasing your reliability as an employee.


Travel fatigue is not to be taken casually. It can compromise your immune system and make you feel disorganized. By buying a home near your workplace, you get to reduce this tiredness by a significant amount.


Flexible Work-Life Balance


When you buy a home close to the workplace, you get to maintain a better schedule. The travel time reduces, and those extra minutes can be added to your personal life. Like we all know, every single second plays a part in defining our life. 

Besides, you no longer need to worry about being late to the office or your children’s birthday parties. You get to maintain clear boundaries between your work life appointments and personal life appointments. 


The One Slight Disadvantage That is Totally Manageable


Now that we have understood the kinds of advantages that come with living close to work, let us see what the disadvantages are. 


Though not many disadvantages are found for living close to the workplace, there is one drawback that can occur at times. But it is not something that you cannot champion over.

Many people think that if they live close to their office spaces, there are chances of them feeling lazy to wake up or start their journey. As the home is close to the office, there is a possibility of underestimating the travel time. But if you can establish a routine, this would not be a bothering disadvantage.


There is also the fact that when you live close to work, you are expected to be punctual and present at all working times. But again this is not a disadvantage. Infact, when you maintain punctuality the company will regard you as one of their reliable employees.


These are the most commonly identified advantages and disadvantages of buying a home close to the workplace. The disadvantage, however, is very much in our hands. We can control it with slight changes in our schedule. Although clearly the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 


We hope we were able to inform you of the different types of positive and negative impacts of living close to your office.


There is definitely a significant positive impact of living close by to your office. Not only does it help you in spending more time at home but also gives you a healthy routine.


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